Resulte Universal
“Their programs helped us sell our largest multi-million dollar contract ever. They helped increase the overall value of our company which generated millions more in value when we sold the business.”

Rex Kurzius, CEO, Resulte Universal
  Flexi Compras, Inc
“We grew from 40 employees to over 400 in just a couple of years and we are still growing and still in their programs.”
Alan Hunt, CEO, Flex Compras, Inc.
  Planet Tan
“They helped us achieve record setting numbers and drive the overall value of our company. The new level of revenue and growth accountability from their programs is awesome. I only read and use the best of what’s available and these guys are world class.”
Tony Hartl, CEO, Planet Tan, Inc.
  9-1-1 Air Cargo
“Their programs rescued us from wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially in our sales and marketing.”
Mark Mangrum, CEO, 9-1-1 Air Cargo, Inc.
  Powter Insurance
“They helped our company build out the revenue production side of our house and where it’s now a huge profit maker. Awesome programs delivered by the best.”
John Powter, CEO, Powter Insurance, National Insurance Company
“Their programs helped our teams generate more revenue, profit and new business. They gave us a competitive advantage helping us generate millions in new revenue.”
Seth Weinstein, Managing Partner, Predium, LLC
  Paragon Industries
“They helped us double our revenue growth percentage. Fantastic and powerful content.”
John Hohenshelt, CEO, Paragon, Inc.
“Their programs have helped our company build out our organizations to help us generate millions in new revenue and profits. They provide us a strategic advantage.”
Mitch Gervis, CEO, NeoSpire Managed Hosting
  Red Salsa
“If I would have brought them in four months earlier I would have saved $25K which is below the line and gained several hundred thousands of lost revenue. I suggest other CEO's to bring them in early on to build out their revenue production.”
Hari Valluru, Red Salsa Technologies, Inc.
  PCI Publishing
“Their program methodology and strategies helped us double the average size of our agreements and triple the margins. Incredibly powerful content and delivery. You can’t afford not to be in their programs – these guys are experts.”
Drew Clancy, CEO, PCI Publishing, Inc.
  Advantage Financial Partners
“One strategy from just one session made us over $250K! As a start-up it is critical to avoid mistakes. They helped us avoid many million dollar mistakes that have killed other new companies.”
Mike Plumlee, CEO, Advantage Financial Partners
  Rent A Toll
“We used their programs to achieve fast growth and build out our organization from the top to the bottom. I have and will use their programs in every company I build or run.”
Ben Robinson, CEO, Rent A Toll, Inc.
  New Media Gateway (NMG)
“They helped us generate millions of dollars in revenue. They helped us build out our teams. Unbelievably powerful programs and services. Highly, highly, recommended.”
Tim Storer, CEO, New Media Gateway, Inc.
  Payroll Associates
“Their programs helped us generate millions of dollars of new revenue and profit. My company’s overall value went up dramatically from their programs.”
Kevin Winters, CEO, Payroll Associates, PAI, Inc.
  Advantage Environmental
“They helped us with every facet of growing our business faster. Their programs, tools and processes are the best available. Don’t run a business without using their programs.”
Todd Benson, CEO, Advantage Environmental
“Their programs and products are being used by everyone on our team to grow revenue and sales. Using their strategies has helped our business generate millions in new revenue.”
Tad McIntosh, CEO, HumCap, Inc.
  People Answers
“Their programs have dramatically changed and improved our revenue generation efforts. Their programs and access to resources will make us a million dollars this year.”
Gab Goncalves, CEO, People Answers
  Plastronics, Inc.
“Their programs are a game changer. If you are a CEO and not using their programs you’re missing out on millions in revenue.”
David Pfaff, CEO, Plastronics, Inc.
  History Maker Homes, Inc.
“Their programs are excellent and I even had Kent Billingsley speak at our association event. We implemented many of their peopling system modules to drive quality growth.”
Nelson Mitchell, CEO, HMH, Inc.
  Lifestyle Gourmet
“As I have told other CEOs, you would be a fool not to use their programs and services. They will make you, your business and your teams better.” Chuck Cotter,
CEO, LG Food Services, Inc.
  Stagen Institute
“Their programs and delivery are the best we know of. If companies are ready to change there isn’t any program that will have more impact on their revenue generation and top line growth.”
Rand Stagen, CEO, Stagen Institute
  Avalion Consulting
“We totally believe in their programs and content. We attend their events and buy all their materials.”
Blake Sellers, CEO, Avalion Consulting
  Axis Leadership
“They helped us develop powerful revenue generation messages and strategies in a few sessions that would have taken us about a year to do without them. Every CEO should be working with them.”
John Holloran, CEO, Axis Leadership, LLC
  Lilly Promotions
“Best and most intense programs available. They pushed us strategically and tactically to improve our revenue and growth production. If you’re serious about your business, then they will help you achieve success faster.”
Bob Lilly Jr., CEO, Lilly Promotions
  Greenscape, Inc.
“They are helping us move from a local presence to a national presence. They are quickly solving problems that we have been working on for years – in some cases decades. Their programs and methodology is absolutely perfect for expansion minded businesses that wants to be bigger, better and more profitable.”
Deb Chapman, CEO, Greenscape, Inc.

Hi, my name is Kent Billingsley, and I am president of The Revenue Growth Company®. Our business is helping other businesses grow faster. We find good news and bad news at most companies.

The good news is most companies are good at delivering their products or services. The bad news is they are terrible at making money doing it. That means they are missing out on up to 90% of the revenue and profit they could be generating.

I have spent over three decades building and mastering a methodology that can help any company grow faster, better, and smarter while spending less time and money doing it. Our phenomenal 100% client success has fueled our growth to the extent that our programs have stayed filled at a 98% capacity. For many months of the year, we stopped marketing because we couldn’t handle all of the business. However, I have been working to bring on the best talent I can find – people with 20 to 25 years of success leading teams and change. Meet the team we’ve assembled so far.


Robert Claycomb
Technical Director
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Kathy Claycomb
eLearning and University
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Kent Billingsley

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Lori Preston
Practice Leader

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Michael Weiner
Fractional Sales Leader™

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